Silence in freezing cold

Sooner or later forget!!! The weather would devastate trees, such as flattened and memory will stay only bare branches and barren land soil, a few words you just heard in the depth of time. 

Now with the cold of the times, looking back to the unknown that warmth that was once the centre of our nostalgia, always looking for the feeling that had the breath, when the cloud was pinks and stuff, when the pinks even more stuff too and was life and dream. Now that concentrate around bonfires, with the night grows and pushing us hopelessly, we ask thinking and instincts than all the forces that we have experienced in life n ' draw light and enter in the darkness, to see what lies deep within the chaos, to break the Gordian knot that wraps. 

However, the Frost that will permanently ravaged now began our thoughts will paralyze its operations, it faded dream. Oh my Gosh, let's catching to remember! Sooner or later people forget in silence and in the freezing cold...

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